Wedding Ready

“Skin is a beautiful thing — Wear it well!”

Want your makeup to look flawless on your big day? I believe the foundation of a flawless makeup application is a great skin care routine. So, here are 5 tips to get your skin “wedding ready”.

Plan ahead: Wedding planning can be stressful and sometimes that stress shows up on your face. Find an esthetician you trust and address your concerns early. Investing in a few professional treatments can make a world of difference!

Timing is everything. I recommend getting a facial a few months before your wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to get rid of any dry/dehydrated skin cells, clean out your pores, hydrate and brighten your skin tone. The smoother the skins surface, the smoother the makeup application. If you have the time and flexibility in your budget to get a second facial a week before, great! If not, I recommend a peel and extraction if needed.

Everyone’s skin care needs will be different. Consult with your skin care professional and let them customize the perfect treatment for you.

Home Care: Professional skin care treatments are important and continuing that care at home is just as important! I like to keep it simple — cleanse, tone and moisturize are my three essential steps! I also love a good eye cream to hydrate, de-puff and brighten the under eyes.

Your professional esthetician will be able to recommend a home care regiment that is perfect for your skins needs and your budget.

Save the picking for the Professionals: Trust me, I understand the urge to pick but save it for the pros! When you pop your own zits, chances are you’re using your finger nails which can not only cause scarring but will introduce new bacteria which can lead to infection and more breakouts. Picking at your skin can also lead to hyper pigmentation and uneven texture around the spots that are trying to heal which can be hard to cover up.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: This is definitely a time for celebration but don’t forget to up your water intake! Adding a hydrating mist and serum to your regime is another great way to lock in that moisture! And who doesn’t love glowing, dewy skin!

Get in a routine: Get in a routine of taking care of you! Start your day off with 16 oz water as soon as you wake up and continue with water intake throughout the day. Use the products that your skin care professional has suggested. Keep your makeup brushes clean — wash them once a week. Keep your phone off your face & change your pillow cases weekly — this will help prevent breakouts around the cheek area. Good things come to those who wash their face before bed. So, before your head hits that pillow make sure all the dirt and debris from the day is off your face! I like to wash my face at least an hour before bed so my products have time to absorb into my skin instead of transferring right onto my pillow case.

If you have a wedding coming up and you want to chat about treatments or a skin care regime email me at